20-5-3: Nature's Prescription for Health and Happiness

By XPT Life | Tue Apr 09 2024

Our fast-paced, digitally dominated lives make it easy to overlook the grounding power of nature. But the remedy for better managing the daily stress of life may be as simple as immersing yourself in the great outdoors. 

Taking in the senses of the natural world — fresh air, rustling leaves, the warmth of the sun — not only offers an escape from your to-do list. Research shows that nature exposure also provides a host of benefits, like improving attention, lowering stress, boosting mood, and even expanding our empathy and cooperation. 

The ideal dose, according to science

The evidence is compelling: spending quality time in green and blue spaces offers profound physical and psychological benefits. But how much nature do we really need to reap these rewards? Enter the 20-5-3 rule, a concept developed by neuroscientist Rachel Hopman, Ph.D. 

Hopman's research suggests that interacting with nature isn't just pleasant — it's essential for replenishing the mental resources we deplete daily.

The prescription is simple:

20 minutes outside, three times a week

Even a brief stroll in your local park can boost cognition, memory, and overall well-being.

5 hours each month in a semi-wild setting

Escaping the urban chaos and exploring nature's tranquility in a setting like a state park deepens relaxation and mental restoration.

3 days entirely off the grid each year

Retreating into complete wilderness, like on a camping trip, nurtures creativity, enhances problem-solving skills, and uplifts your mood well into the days and weeks after you return.

The 20-5-3 rule is more than a hack for personal health. It gives us a deeper appreciation for the natural environments that enrich our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

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