Dan Garner on saying no to "soon" and yes to "now."

By Dan Garner | Thu Jul 07 2022

I don't know you, but if you're like most people I meet, you have aspirations in your life. Those aspirations can include everything from just making rent this month, to finishing an Ironman Triathlon or landing your dream job.

The specifics of your aspirations are irrelevant, and your entire dream can be as well if you keep delaying the action of pulling the trigger.

We all do an amazing job at sabotaging ourselves with excuses and reasons why things don't happen. Normally, this comes in the form of tricking ourselves that it will happen soon.

“Soon” meaning I’ll start tomorrow, next week, next month, when I get time, when things calm down at work, as soon as I have the money… These abstract moments never arrive, but we trick ourselves into feeling excited as if they are just around the corner.

In my experience with my own life, and watching hundreds of other people progress, at a certain point you just need to shut the hell up and start. No more "soon,” and no more delays. Just start. Whatever you think you're afraid of is 100x worse in your mind then it is in reality.

Whatever ideas you have are useless until you marry them to execution. Your success isn't about an idea, it's realizing that you are the executioner. You are the only you on this planet, that makes you one in seven billion. What can you uniquely accomplish to move yourself forward?

People accomplish amazing things everyday, almost never because of luck. It comes from two things:

Prioritization and execution.

When you see people accomplish these amazing things, you have two choices: You can drown in envy and justify why it can't be you (or even worse, why it shouldn't be them), or you can see their accomplishments as evidence that success is something you can reach as well.

Start moving, and your limitations and ideas of impossibility will begin to fade. You don't need to know what you're doing, just start. Change happens in your mind before it enters the world, and belief will always precede progress.