Fat Burning and Elite Performance Training

By PJ Nestler | Tue Mar 01 2016

Coffee + Fat = Increased Fat Burning and Elite Athletic Performance

There’s a reason elite athletes are now jumping on the ketogenic bandwagon. Unlike weekend warriors or casual exercisers, elite athletes are extremely tuned into their bodies. In other words, they definitely notice the way different diets affect the body. 

One such athlete is Gabrielle Reece. Gabby is known for her accomplishments as an elite athlete, mother, author and leader in the fitness industry. She’s helped to pioneer everything from the first women athlete-designed Nike shoe to fat burning training programs and diets.  

I recently talked with Gabby about the ketogenic diet. She’s discovered what many elite fitness experts are noticing: If you eat fat before a workout, body fat is burned more efficiently, and endurance and performance are increased. Now, these athletes are searching for how to increase fat burning efficiency, to fuel their workouts in a bold new way. 

Needless to say, she’s fired-up in learning more about how to maximize fat loss through the ketogenic diet and is passionately working with the Laird SuperFood team to research and develop products that induce ketogenesis. This includes coffee—a cornerstone of any ketogenesis fat burning plan.

The Role of Coffee in Ketogenesis

Multiple studies have been conducted on the effect of coffee on exercise performance. Long story short, it enhances exercise endurance and performance, while also promoting thermogenesis (fat burning). That’s precisely why so many performance drinks and supplements are packed with caffeine. 

Our team has little interest in caffeine supplements. We believe in the whole food approach. Therefore, we use whole, hand-picked high-altitude coffee, which is far superior to commercially available coffee beans. We believe it will help you perform better—especially when you combine it with TopFuel or Laird SuperFood Creamer.

Try the following and let us know if you are performing better too. Pre-workout, have a cup of Laird Coffee with TopFuel. Optionally, add more fat to the pre-workout beverage by consuming two eggs or an avocado. This is very ketogenic.

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Written by Jeff Grimm

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