Plants and Animals: Your Guide to Real Food.

By Dan Garner | Thu Feb 10 2022

Humans have demonstrated to be incredibly adaptable in all kinds of nutritional research settings. 

High protein diets, high carbohydrate diets, and high fat diets have all been demonstrated to be successful in the right context. So has any other diet variation you can think of regarding different animal, vegetable, fruit, and dairy intakes.

They've all done well. 

But do you know what diet has never worked? One made up of foods with bar codes, foods that you can buy without leaving your car, foods that don’t spoil for years due to alteration, or foods that come out of a box with a cartoon on it.

Real food, the stuff that comes from the ground or an animal, is really all you should be putting in your body to thrive. The menu is simple:

  1. Lean meats

  2. Vegetables

  3. Fruits

  4. Legumes

  5. Nuts and seeds

  6. Non-processed carbohydrates

Keep what’s real, steer clear of what’s not. Your body will thank you for it.

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