The 1 Day Ultimate XPT Meal Plan

By PJ Nestler | Tue Jan 10 2017

Want to step up your nutrition and eat XPT style? Here’s a look at a typical day in the lives of XPT founders and advisors, and what participants experience at an experience.

One of the important topics we cover at XPT Experience is how to eat right and formulate a balanced workout meal plan. Often, this is a firsthand experience, with participants adopting the XPT diet during the experience. We want to start by prefacing that not every day is the same at every event. A lot depends on activity level, location, and availability. We try to have staples available every day, so we are not left scrambling to find foods we want to eat. 

Beyond each experience, we encourage individuals to tinker with a training meal plan that works for them. Be aware that a change in diet to generally healthier eating will likely differ from a meal plan for muscle gain, for example. 

Scope out your local sources and make it a point to shop frequently. Clean (hormone-, antibiotic-, dye-free foods), whole foods (not manufactured or mixed with artificial ingredients) are what we prefer to eat. We try to supplement our food intake with superfoods such as turmeric, mushrooms, acai, and others. 

Here is a schedule we all follow in our everyday lives and provide for our participants at XPT Experiences.

Early Morning

·      1 glass of water immediately upon waking, with a pinch of Himalayan sea salt

·      1 cup of coffee and healthy additives, like Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer

·      XPT Tip: Wait at least 30 minutes before reaching for any electronics


·      Before lunch, aim to enjoy a turmeric drink/shot, to help decrease inflammation

·      Post workout food includes mixing a protein supplement with water or having some nuts or nut butter, to load up on fat and energy nutrients

Lunch Time|

·      Eat a light protein or grains, and veggies

·      Drink water

·      Avoid processed bread, cheese, fried foods, and sugar

·      XPT Tip: Don’t mindlessly eat, be aware of each bite

·      XPT Tip: Reflect on your morning and set goals for the afternoon


·      Drink a kombucha and/or chaga tea packed with essential vitamins and minerals

·      Enjoy a protein or nut bar

Dinner Time

·      Eat mostly proteins or grains, and veggies

·      Drink water

·      XPT TipFollow the same lunch guidelines, but increase portion size

Additional Supplements

Depending on the quality of foods consumed, additional essential vitamins like calcium may be desired. Take them in supplement form or occasionally add greens or proteins to smoothies. We also recommend incorporating recovery-specific supplements as part of your post workout meal plan. 

Interested in learning what type of products XPT recommends and uses? Read the XPT Experience Foods & Hydration Method.

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