The Power of Barefoot Training

By XPT Life | Thu Feb 17 2022

Technological innovation has allowed us to achieve miraculous progress. The aid of modern conveniences, however, can restrict our individual growth. 

This includes the advancement of footwear. Shoes have propelled humans to incredible athletic feats, but they can limit some of our ability to improve. 

Training barefoot is a simple yet highly effective way to reconnect with the way we once moved. When training barefoot, the stabilizer muscles and connective tissues in our feet that remain dormant when wearing a pair of sneakers are activated. This leads to improved body awareness, stability, and overall balance. Barefoot training also highlights potential imbalances throughout our bodies, allowing us to find and target areas of weakness.   In addition, grounding, or being in direct contact with the earth’s surface, has been found to sync the frequencies in your body with those of the earth, leading to an improved sense of balance within (from Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth's Surface Electrons).

Not all of us, however, have access to barefoot-friendly places like the beach or hiking trails. If you are unable to go barefoot in your training facility, try using Vivo Barefoot shoes for your next XPT workout. They will give you the extra layer of hygienic protection without detracting from the benefits of barefoot exercise. 

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