There are no magic solutions to dietary optimization.

By Dan Garner | Thu Jun 02 2022

Dietary optimization isn’t meant to be easy.

There is no magic food, innovative supplement, perfect diet, or secret ritual of the pro's that is ever going to kill cravings or immediately induce meaningful adaptation.

Nothing in this entire industry will take away discomfort, not for long anyway. Hunger and cravings, whether physical or emotionally-rooted, are completely unavoidable. The journey to a new you is beautifully imperfect, and the discomfort is what leads an equally large internal transformation to match your body transformation.

I have searched day and night for years to find these answers. One day, you get to a point where you realize:

It's OK to be hungry.

It's OK to not reach my goals overnight.

It's OK to be uncomfortable.

It's OK to get frustrated.

And it's OK to realize that a month of "being good" will never out-do years of self-abuse.

I don't need a magic bullet, and neither do you. The quicker you realize this, the quicker you will find the root-cause to your plateau.

You've been hungry before, right?

… and did you survive?

Of course you did. You already know discomfort, don't run from it, it's your signal for progress. Change will never be comfortable.

Don't sit around waiting to find the next best thing. Go after the change you want to see, today. XPT Life has you covered with performance nutrition recipes that will help you optimize the way you fuel for your specific goals. But first, you must build a foundation.

It’s hard enough to fight through the pain that comes with your transformation. Dealing with additional challenges like sickness makes it near impossible. Strengthening the immune system protects the body and mind so that we can rely on them when needed most.

Incorporate some of these immune-boosting recipes as they will give you the resiliency you need to embrace and conquer even the most uncomfortable periods of our life:

Southwest Breakfast Skillet

Steak Fajita

Steak Dinner - Lite