XPT App Launch

By Gabby Reece | Tue Oct 15 2019

XPT anywhere, and everywhere! The new XPT App is now available on the App Store.

In a world filled with busy days and non-stop distractions, it’s crucial that we keep movement as well as overall wellness a priority, and unfortunately, for most of us, that’s easier said than done. 

XPT app get started breathing

However, at XPT we have made it a mission to provide people every opportunity to continue to strengthen and elevate their everyday life; and now, we’ve made it even more accessible to integrate these practices through our new XPT App. 

The newly launched XPT App serves as a tool to not only connect you with like-minded individuals, but with your internal self, through breath and movement exercises. The app guides  your wellness needs by providing breathing or movement techniques adapting to your situation, environment, or needs while providing versatility to control your success through the library of resources. So, whether you are ready to take on one of our curated training challenges, or need guided breathing exercises to take down anxiety or gear up your body for a high-stress situation, you’re equipped with the tools needed through the app. 

XPT app intro to breathwork

‘It isn’t always about feeling like you want to exercise, but it’s about doing it when you are able to,’ said XPT Founder, Gabby Reece, “What I like about the app is that it’s just one more tool to help you get it done.” With the XPT App, you’ll be able to access the uniquely designed exercise and breathing routines and stay connected to the XPT tribe all at your fingertips.

Sarah Smith, an XPT fan and app user said, ‘I’m thankful to have experienced one of their XPT Experiences, which gave me a good foundation to change and be conscious of my wellbeing. It’s actually really great that I can still continue to be guided by the team through app.” 

A major differentiator on the app is XPT’s Performance Breathing™ program. On the XPT App, the XPT team will lead you through a series of breathwork protocols which allows you to utilize them based on the outcome you want: from getting yourself amped up, physically and emotionally for your next big wave, or de-stressing before an important board meeting. Additionally, there are guided hour-long explorational breathing exercises that take you through a journey of different sensations and breathing protocols that enable you to understand how breathwork, by itself, can calm, heat-up, or energize your body. The app guides you through breathing exercises in which you can follow along!

XPT app

In addition to XPT's Performance Breathing® protocols, the app offers dynamic workouts that you can access anytime, anywhere. When it comes to training exercises, you can tap-into pre-designed workout classes and challenges. 

Another special feature on the app is the encouraging community reminding you that it’s not about being the best, it’s about being willing to move out of your comfort zone. 

Gabby Reece is a big proponent of the XPT App, mainly because you can do XPT just about anywhere while staying connected through one unified platform. Her favorite feature of the app is the community board – ‘community, community, community – success does not solely pertain to our own desire and will, but to the involvement in environments that support our success’, stated Gabby. ‘It’s about surrounding yourself with people who make you better, who encourage you to never arrive, but keep striving.’ 

Experience the authentic and original workouts, breathing exercises and support by joining the XPT community. Breathe, move and recover with Gabby, Laird, the XPT Coaches, and the rest of the tribe on the new XPT app, now available on the Appstore.

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