XPT Nutrition Principles

By Dan Garner | Mon Jan 31 2022

The principles of nutrition for XPT are broken up into two model-based approaches:

  1. Outside-In

  2. Inside-Out

The outside-in approach represents what we can quantify through scientific literature in order to meet your current goals.

Things like calories, macronutrients, nutrient timing, and peri-workout nutrition can be quantified in a very non-individualistic way from the outside-in.

In essence, we are using science to quantify everything you should do from an outside-in calculation perspective.

However, the inside-out approach is where you come into the equation as an individual, because real results encompass much more than just a calculator.

Aspects such as personal hydration needs, organ health, cell function, pH, oxygen deliverability, pollutant exposure, and psychology are just some of the many things that make you, you.

The outside-in is quantified based on the scientific literature, whereas the inside-out is qualified through your specific needs and differences.

By utilizing this two-pronged, model-based approach, we can create a working understanding of everything we need to do in the world of nutrition to reach our destination in the fastest and healthiest way possible.

Although each principle and accompanying sub-principles could be discussed for many hundreds of pages, I want to offer the immediately applicable points of action for you in each section so that you can start helping yourself and others.

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