XPT Resort Partner

For Resorts & Hotels Looking to Implement the XPT Lifestyle. Want to provide the XPT way of life to your clientele? The XPT Resort Partner is now available, contact us for pricing.

Become an XPT Resort Partner Today!

Upgrade the resort experience for your guests and become an XPT Resort Partner.

Upgrade your guest's experience

Want to provide a life-enhancing way for your guests to upgrade their stay? Become an XPT Resort Partner and offer an experience inspired by the training techniques and lifestyle habits of big wave surfer, Laird Hamilton and former Pro-Athlete, Gabrielle Reece, and through the expertise of our team, Advisors, and Ambassadors.

Marketing benefits

XPT Resort Partners may market through their own communication channels (social media, websites, media partners) that they are an approved XPT Resort that offers XPT classes and workshops, and potentially content, in-room programming and XPT retreats! (ask about our various levels) XPT Resort Partners have the right to use approved XPT branding on their walls, displays, brochures, websites, etc., but do not have the right to brand the location as an XPT resort, facility or gym.

XPT classes or workshops run at an XPT Resort Partner must be taught by an XPT Certified Coach. To become an XPT Resort Partner today email contact@xptlife.com